Treatment focus

Alternative treatments work on all levels - body, mind and spirit - and use different modalities to address health problems.

My aim is to treat patients with ancient traditional techniques involving acupuncture, along with homeopathic medicines made from natural compounds and Ayurvedic holistic procedures.

The core competence of the treatment lies in the rehabilitative, long-lasting and holistic treatment of psychosomatic illnesses.

Begleitende Therapie bei chronisch entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen und Parkinson und Multiple Sklerose

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    Body Mind Praxis

    The vast majority of pains and diseases are absolutely not natural. They are home-made and are usually caused subconsciously. My goals:

    • to share the principles of holistic health teachings
    • Gently move you towards new ways of doing things
    • to release unexpected blockages
    • Decipher the core of your problem

    Welcome to Body Mind Practice

    Step into a unique place of relaxation that offers the best of naturopathic treatments, coaching, lifestyle, and nutritional counseling.

    Monday to Friday
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    by appointment only

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